Paystack is an online payment tool, useful for businesses that operate on the internet. The internet has made it possible for business transactions to be done from any location with just a phone/laptop and this is especially important because it is the crux of your business.This is what Paystack payment option is all about.

You want your clients to make payments NOW, while they want to purchase from you, not hours later when it’s possible they may have changed their minds.

Same here with Broaddrive; we know how important it is to set up your business website needs in seconds without leaving your home/office so your business flow does not get interrupted. This is why Paystack has been integrated into our website to make things easy for you.


  1. After placing an order on Broaddrive, an invoice will be generated automatically and sent to your mail, with a link to payment area on your Broaddrive’s account.


2. Now click on Pay All and Select Paystack as Payment Method.


3. You can also visit Broaddrive’s site here and click on AMP LOGIN to go to your client Area,


4. Then click on Billings on the Top Right Corner to View your Invoice.


5. Click on Payment Method and select Paystack. Then Click on Pay Now


6. Paystack offers you four easy ways to make payments. First of which is to enter your Bank Details and CVV pin to make payments. Be rest assured that Paystack is secure and your details will not be compromised.


7. You can also start by choosing your Bank


8. If you have a GTB account, you can pay by dialing the 737 code that will be generated for this particular payment. This is convenient for those who do not wish to put in their card details.


9. You can pay by scanning the QR code directly from your system. This is only available for those with an Eco, Fidelity, First, Access, Diamond or Zenith bank accounts.


Your Paystack payment is done and your order is automatically processed without any human interference or error.

If you have any inquiries please call us, chat with us or email us here.