So you visited your website and saw that it has been suspended.

Have no fear. A suspended account occurs for one basic reason and can be quickly fixed when these issues are resolved.

  1. Expired Domain/Hosting : Unpaid Invoices

Once a domain expires or a hosting plan expires, it means your website will automatically go down or be suspended.

Before this happens, you will receive several invoices sent to your mail, informing you that your hosting plan or your domain will expire on so and so date. Please respond to this mail by making payments as soon as possible. Find out how to make quick payments here.

If there are any issues, contact your hosting company and inform them of such issues or ask for an extension. This prevents the automatic suspension of your website and hiccups in your business.

Payment of invoices on time prevents this from happening. However, if your payments are up to date and you find your site suspended, you can contact us here.

We realize that some persons are not good at checking their emails, reading them or even responding. Another option you have would be to Add Funds to your account so payments can be made from the funds you have in your account without any hassle. Easy right?

To Add Funds to your Broaddrive account, please click here to follow the steps.

Reach us here for help with your website.