Nameservers are specific servers which web hosting companies own. They are used primarily to manage the domain names of their web hosting customers. Nameservers are generated by web hosting companies and without them, your website will not be visible on the internet. Pretty important right? Every website address you type into your browser is first and foremost, a string of numbers that would be difficult to remember. Nameservers, however, provide the IP address of websites so whenever you type the domain name instead of the IP address itself, the website shows up.

Without nameservers,  people would have to memorize IP addresses which are strings of numbers if they want to visit any website. This means your domain’s nameservers points anybody who types your domain name in their browser to the web server provided by your web hosting company. Most times, you don’t need to bother about nameservers. But if you transfer your hosting to another company while your domain is hosted with a different company, you will have to change your domain nameservers for your domain to lead to your website.

It typically requires few hours for this nameserver change to be effected but it can also take as long as 2 days so be patient. The delay comes about because other servers in the world will have to be informed about the change.

Changing your nameserver is not a big hassle with Broaddrive. Learn how to easily change nameservers here.