Do you know you can add money/funds to your Broaddrive account just like you save money in bank accounts? Sometimes, people forget to check their emails, respond to emails, pay invoices, and/or make timely payments. Knowing that your website automatically goes down when your domain or hosting expires, it is therefore advisable to add money to your Broaddrive account so you can make payments easily to avoid disconnections, delays, and interruptions in your service. This is necessary especially for the busy, pro-active entrepreneur/business owner.

Here’s why you should add money to your Broaddrive account

  1. It saves time when making payments
  2. Smooth and efficient operation of all your domains and hosting is guaranteed as due invoices can be paid easily.
  3. Seamless and uninterrupted service enjoyment.

To Add Funds to your Broaddrive Account:

  • Login to our website here and click on AMP LOGIN to go to your Client Area

  • Click on Billing located on the Top Left corner of the page and select Add Funds

  • Type in the amount you want to add and payment method. Note that the minimum amount that can be added is 2,000, maximum is 100,000 and maximum balance in account is 300,000. (To learn how to use paystack, click here)

  • An automatic invoice will be generated and our bank details will be available for quick transfers or bank deposit. You can also check your mail for this invoice and make payments from there.

Easy right?

Broaddrive is dedicated to offering you quick, seamless and quality services. To get in touch with us, please click here.