There are similarities and differences between dedicated and VPS hosting, some of which may work to the advantage of your business and help you decide on the type of hosting plan you need for your website.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is somewhat similar to shared hosting but it has a major difference. Shared hosting refers to a server being used by several websites at the same time. The disadvantage of this is that other websites get affected if one website uses large amounts of bandwidth or RAM. This means the other websites will have fewer resources to use. With VPS hosting, although several websites are using the same server, a hypervisor is present to make sure that each website is allocated their own amount of server space, RAM and bandwidth and they do not exceed their space allocation. This means one website does not cause trouble for other websites.

Dedicated Hosting

This is when one website is hosted on one whole server. This means the server is not being shared by more than one website so one website has the server all to itself, including all its resources. You can choose the RAM quantity and the type of hard drive and processor to be used.

With VPS, your web hosting company would place some limitations but you have some control over your resources, meaning it cannot be shared with others. With Dedicated hosting, you are not limited in any way and you have total control over what software is installed on your server. VPS hosting is cheaper than dedicated hosting. You can gradually increase the scale of your VPS hosting plan. This means you can start out with the resources that you need and gradually increase as your business grows so you don’t have to pay for resources that you don’t use.

How to Choose

Several factors determine if you should use VPS or Dedicated hosting for your website. One key factor is the size of the files your site will need. If you will use huge media that will take up a lot of bandwidth and storage space, or run back-end applications or you are already established and you know your site will have large traffic which requires huge bandwidth space, you should opt for dedicated hosting.

While making this decision, also project into the future. Even if you don’t need them now, will you need these same resources in the near future? If yes, then it is advisable that you start with Dedicated hosting instead of migrating from VPS tom dedicated hosting. If you don’t need such extensive resources for your site, you should use the VPS hosting. It usually has a wide range of options so you can select the number of resources that best suits you.

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