Broaddrive Hosting Solutions is a web hosting company. This means that we generally offer services that deal with setting up your website, ensuring its security, online marketing/publicity, and other requested web services. We have been in service for years and have been trusted by companies of various sizes for web hosting, web design, and domain management.

We are known for quality service, quick response time and attention to details. Broaddrive also offers After-Sales management of websites, hosting plans and domains.

Our Services Includes,

1. Domain Registration/Transfer/Renewal

A domain is the name of your business online, e.g This is the name people will type into the bar to access your website.

  • Registration: To register your domain, you will have to first find out if it is available or if someone else has already registered that domain name. You can also choose a new name while the system will show you various variations of the preferred domain name. Picking a domain name is easy with Broaddrive.
  • Transfer: You can transfer your domain to us. Supposing you already bought a domain name from another company but you want us to manage the domain, you can transfer your domain to us.
  • Renewal: Registered domains have an option of renewal every year.

To know all about domain registrations, transfers and renewals, please click here.

2. Web Hosting

For your website to be seen online, it has to be hosted on a server. Hosting your website on our servers is simple. We have several plans that have been designed to suit every need.

  • Shared Hosting: Our shared hosting plans are very affordable. These are hosting plans whereby several websites are hosted on one server.
  • Cloud Hosting: We also offer cloud hosting services where your website is hosted. Its advantage is that it is suited for big, established businesses who require a lot of RAM and storage space.
  • VPS Hosting: With VPS, even though several websites are using the same server, a hypervisor is present to make sure that each website is allocated their own amount of server space, RAM and bandwidth and they do not exceed their space allocation.
  • Dedicated Hosting: This means your website is hosted on a server all by itself. You have the server to yourself and don’t have to share its resources.

You can find out more about our Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting plans and Dedicated Hosting plans here.

3. Security

To prevent breaches and hackers from accessing your site and making away with sensitive information, it is imperative that your site is protected. SSL is one way to protect your site. Even Google has begun to flag sites without SSL as insecure. We offer FREE SSL with any hosting plan you purchase. We also offer paid SSL certificates for those who want to upgrade to a higher SSL plan.

You can find out all about our SSL plans here.

4. Website Design

So you have registered your domain name, purchased a hosting plan, what’s next? A website design. There are different types of websites;

  • Static Website: This is a site that primarily relays information to the site visitor. A static website is one that is written in plain HTML where users are only shown the code of the page. Simply, a static site is one that is information based and does not have room for interaction with end users.
  • Dynamic Website: A dynamic site is a website written with a server-side scripting language such as PHP, ASP, JSP, or Coldfusion. Basically, a dynamic site is interaction based and contains login systems, accepts payments, forms and interacts with the users.
  • E-commerce website: This website is basically focused on selling products online. This website is product-oriented and is set up with all the basic integrations, payment gateways, form collections, etc. that an online store needs to thrive.

You can order for any of our web design services by reaching us here.

5. Startup SEO

This is a service that allows us to submit your website to search engines to increase your visibility and aid your marketing techniques. Getting a website does not guarantee that search engines can find it and show to potential clients who are searching for your product. This is what startup SEO is for.

6. Support

Broaddrive will not just leave you high and dry. We understand that after getting a domain name, a hosting plan, web design and security for your site, there may still be issues where you may need our help. This is why our support system is always open and free. We offer support services like Payment Gateway Integration, Google Analytics Integration, Website Maintenance, Website Errors, Google Adsense Integration, LIVE Chat Integration, Social Media Integration, SMS Integration, Graphic Design and Branding, and much more.

We have a quick response time and we are easy to reach. You can call us, chat with us or email us by opening a support ticket where our agents are on standby, ready to help. Reach us today. We would love to hear from you.