Shared Hosting

E-commerce Website

* E-commerce Website
* FREE Domain registration
* Customised business emails
* Receive payments online directly to your bank
* Automatic invoicing to customers
* SSL security certificate
* LIVE chat for your customers
* Social Media accounts and more...

  • Takes your shop online with

Standard Full-featured Hosting for Instant online presence


Dynamic Website and High performance websites/blogs for personal use.


Provides you all necessary tools for effective online representation including software tools to support automation and better productivity.


Best performance settings for Premium/Dynamic Websites (blogs, shopping, hosted apps,etc.) with most unlimited resources.

Business Enterprise

More Space, bandwidth and enterprise resources to create a high powered hosting solution that solves your ICT needs.

E-commerce Hosting

Host your online shop on a pre-configured package that in optimized to accelerate business productivity and security in transactions.

Business Premium

Host you Enterprise Business Software for best productivity delivery across all your business locations and clients.

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