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Our Web Design Festival

Personal Websites

₦ 100,000

₦ 60,000

Business Websites

₦ 100,000

₦ 60,000

Online Shop

₦ 200,000

₦ 100,000

All the tools you’ll need

All our hosting plans including personal hosting are full featured and work across all your favourite web tools.

[stack_cards layout=”small-icon” icon=”icon-Globe”]FREE Domain Free domain with every hosting account you purchase.[/stack_cards][stack_cards layout=”small-icon” icon=”icon-Life-Jacket”]Contact Forms/Numbers Visitors on your website will be able to contact you directly via a form.[/stack_cards][stack_cards layout=”small-icon” icon=”icon-Life-Jacket”]Website Support We have developers ready to help with any website issues.[/stack_cards]
[stack_cards layout=”small-icon” icon=”icon-Data-Yes”]Business Emails Customised email addresses like[/stack_cards][stack_cards layout=”small-icon” icon=”icon-Security-Check”]Security Multi-layer defence systems including SSL & DDoS Protection.[/stack_cards][stack_cards layout=”small-icon” icon=”icon-Data-Transfer”]Website Transfers Free website transfer (mails, files, database, etc.) as you move to us.[/stack_cards]
[stack_cards layout=”small-icon” icon=”icon-Empty-Box”]FREE Auto Backups We run a 48hrs Auto Backup on all cPanel accounts.[/stack_cards][stack_cards layout=”small-icon” icon=”icon-Duplicate-Window”]Social Media Profiles We would connect your website to your all your social media handles.[/stack_cards][stack_cards layout=”small-icon” icon=”icon-Life-Safer”]Anytime Priority Support We take support serious just submit your ticket.[/stack_cards]

Our Process

[stack_process type=”horizontal”][stack_process_content]Select & Purchase Select type of website & fill the form to make payment. [/stack_process_content][stack_process_content]Order Confirmation You will receive a quick call to confirm your order and design questionnaire responses.[/stack_process_content][stack_process_content]Design Review Receive an email to approve design and confirm all information is correct.[/stack_process_content][stack_process_content]Website Launch Your new website will be launched within just 7 business days![/stack_process_content][/stack_process]

Order a Website Design

Frequently Asked Question

Does it include a domain name registration?

Yes, all payments include a domain name registration (e.g,,,,,, ** )

Would i have a blog on my website?

Yes, if you want to we will create a blog page and blogging templates for you.

Would i have access to the website?

Yes, immediately after completion of the website, we will provide you the entire access (usernames/passwords) of your website.

Is the website payment a one-time payment?

Yes, you pay one-time for the website, however this payment covers your domain registration and hosting for 1 year. So you would need to renew your domain registration and hosting same time next year at 20,000 only.

Would the payment cover for generating the website content?

NO please, website content will be provided by the client including: logo, writeups, picture, videos, etc. However, we can provide content generation services through our partners